Water Damage Removal & Fire Damage Restoration El Cajon, CA

Rancho Bernardo Flood Emergency Response

Are you facing the often overwhelming task of dealing with water damage from a plumbing leak, storm or flood, or from fire-fighting? Or the devastation of fire damage itself? It’s certainly a stressful time, requiring an extensive effort and a surprisingly large extent of expert knowledge. Yet a timely response is critical to mitigate further damage and meet insurance policy requirements. Just call Cutting Edge Restoration.

We specialize in water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage removal, and mold remediation. We proudly serve the El Cajon community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re a licensed and insured general contractor well qualified to meet all your damage restoration needs. Our technicians are experienced and well-trained, with internationally recognized Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications (IICRC).  Meticulous and thorough, we make sure all work is done promptly and properly to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

We work directly with all major insurance companies and their adjusters. We minimize your inconvenience by helping you open your claim, and meet all insurance requirements. In addition to your structure we’ll move, restore, and return furniture and belongings.

24/7 Expert Restoration Services

Do you need fire damage restoration, anywhere from a small to a major fire?  Properly and safely restoring the direct damage and accompanying smoke, soot, ash, and water damage requires an overwhelming amount of work and technical knowledge, at a time when you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Do you need water damage restoration?  Whether from a small leak or major flooding, proper remediation requires a great deal of technical know-how and special equipment to prevent further damage within the first critical days.

Whether for water of fire damage restoration, immediate mitigation is required to avoid additional damage that likely wouldn’t be covered by insurance.  That’s why Cutting Edge Restoration is always on-the-ready for fast 24/7 response to El Cajon residents and businesses.  There’s no need for you to worry.  We’ll get everything restored to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Cutting Edge Restoration

Just let us take care of everything.  That includes moving, treating, and storing your home’s and business’ contents, and even arranging for hotel accommodations if needed.  Our technicians are certified by the IICRC (the Institute of Inspecting, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, the leading organization in this industry world-wide) in a broad range of specialties.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards, checking and double-checking each and every step in best-practices procedures.

We’ve established close working relationships with numerous insurance companies and their local adjusters.  We even use same estimating program they do, and can guide you through claim process, saving you time and worry.

We recognize that you’re facing a big unexpected expense, so we require absolutely no up-front payment.  We’ll wait for your insurer’s payment.

Rancho Bernardo Water Damage Restoration Services

El Cajon Fire Damage Repair

Repairing damaged parts of the building is only one part of fire damage repair.  Smoke and soot can travel throughout the building, and settle into places most people would never even think to check.  While there it can damage finishes, including corroding personal items and electronics.  If not promptly and thoroughly removed it will penetrate deeply into building materials and carpets, causing untreatable odors that can linger for years.  This aspect of fire damage restoration requires special equipment and a deep understanding of the different types of fires and the kinds of smoke and soot that they produce.

Here are the basics of our fire damage repair steps.

  1. Secure the building’s fire-damage openings.
  2. Inspect the building and its contents, identifying and documenting all damage.
  3. Remove ash to prevent it’s further spread.
  4. Remove unsalvageable contents.
  5. Clean, deodorize, seal all affected materials.
  6. Complete structural, surface, and finish repairs.
  7. Haul away all damaged materials, properly disposing of toxic wastes.

Flood Damage Removal in El Cajon

In and around El Cajon, flooding and water damage are most commonly caused by plumbing problems.  Whether from natural causes, plumbing, or a sewer backup, our flood damage removal services start special pump out equipment to quickly remove all standing water followed by whatever initial sanitation is needed for the specific situation.  We can then follow up with our water damage removal services.  In those rare cases where natural flooding takes several days to subside, our mold remediation experience and expertise can be especially important.

El Cajon Water Damage Removal

The solution may seem simple.  Just mop, or maybe use a shop wet-vac, then open the windows and use some fans.  But that’s usually not the case.  Water quickly penetrates deeply into carpets and even building materials where it’s essentially trapped.  There it lingers, progressively causing mold, warping, and other damage before it finally dries out, which can take weeks.

It’s critical that water damage removal is prompt, rapid, and thorough.  There are several key steps, and each must be completed properly if later steps are to be at their most effective in mitigating further water damage.

  1. Pump out of any standing water.
  2. Removing as much remaining water as possible through the use of special water-extraction equipment.
  3. Use advanced equipment such as special heaters and refrigerant dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry out the building, with constant monitoring to assure that the process is proceeding as rapidly as possible.
  4. Perform sanitization and odor removal.
  5. Perform mold remediation as needed.
  6. Complete repairs.

Our experienced technicians are certified in a range of water damage removal and restoration specialties, including carpet cleaning, dealing with crawl spaces and basements, and the special conditions posed by sewer problems.

Leak Detection Services

The source of water damage may not be obvious.  You may have a hidden leak that you don’t notice until it’s already caused some surface discoloration or other damage.  Clues that hidden damage may be progressing include damp, warm, or cold spots and an unexplained increase in water usage.  In extreme cases you might even hear running water or a hissing sound.

To find those leaks with the minimum of damage and disruption to your home or place of business, we’ve carefully evaluated and chosen the latest in electronic leak detection equipment.  We also use advanced digital thermal imaging cameras that show the tiny temperature differences caused by the presence of water, and even damp materials inside walls, ceilings, and floors.

Don’t ignore what seems like a questionable or minor leak.  It could be causing progressive damage, and that damage may remain hidden for quite some time.  Call on our leak detection services to head off any problems and unnecessary added expense.

El Cajon:  What’s In a Name?

Cutting Edge Restoration is pleased to serve the 102,211 residents (2013 census) and thousands of businesses in El Cajon, CA.  The city has gone through a few minor name changes over its history.

The name “El Cajon” was first recorded in 1821 as an alternate name for Rancho Santa Monica.  The Spanish, refers to a box or drawer.  That makes sense, as there’s a “geologic” term — box canyon.  Small box canyons were often used as natural corrals simply by fencing in their entrances.

In around 1874 the name was shortened to just Cajon, and a bit later changed to Elcajon.  In 1905 it was finally returned to its original name, El Cajon.