Sewer Damage Restoration

Whether it’s a toilet overflow or major sewer backup, it’s a smelly mess that you don’t want to deal with.  And with good reason.  It will be teeming with viruses and bacteria, and may well contain microorganisms that cause very serious diseases.  The pathogens in sewage can readily become airborne, so you’ll need more than rubber gloves.  Why take the risk?  Local plumbers are often unprepared to deal with major sewage cleaning, so you may be left with unsanitary conditions, a failed health inspection, or a city citation and fine.  But our 24 hour emergency sewage removal teams have all the training, experience, and specialized equipment to do the job right, leaving your home or business hygienic and odor-free.

Sewage Removal

You may have just had a clogged toilet, a blockage or leak in the sewer line on your property, or a city sewer backup.  Regardless of the source, immediate action reduces the health risks and potential for serious water damage.  Even if you can tolerate the odor, the IICRC (International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the leading world-wide non-profit in our industry) S500 Standard and Reference Guide says that sewage extraction must be performed only by trained technicians with extensive personal protection equipment.

Our certified technicians begin with a careful assessment of the extent of contamination, the types of materials affected, and the contact time.  With a plan of attack they immediately contain liquid waste and set up isolation barriers against the the spread of airborne microbes and cross contamination.  Ideally a sewer line blockage can be quickly cleared and the mess sent back to where it belongs.  Otherwise we’ll perform vacuum sewage extraction followed by proper transportation and disposal of the hazardous waste.  As part of sewage removal we’ll also remove and properly dispose of contaminated porous materials such as carpet and padding, baseboards, drywall, and insulation.

Sewage Cleanup and Disinfection

The IICRC puts raw sewage (along with any floodwaters that have been in contact with soil) in Category 3, formerly referred to as black water.  It will be teeming with bacteria and viruses, and is likely to contain disease organisms such as E-choli, Giardia, hepatitis-A, and tetanus as well as various fungi and parasites.

To protect against those serious health risks our highly-trained sewage cleaning teams perform meticulous cleaning using specialized detergents and steam cleaning equipment.  They’ll apply advanced anti-microbials, and seal any materials that can’t be removed and replaced.  As necessary our biohazard cleaning services can include drapes and upholstery along the building itself.

Water Damage Restoration

It only takes a few minutes for enough water to soak in to potentially lead to major water damage.  So our sewage cleanup services also apply water damage restoration techniques using the latest equipment to quickly accomplish surface water extraction and structural drying.  We can also take care of mold removal as well as air duct and HVAC biohazard decontamination.  Our unique equipment also includes ozone generators, whose gas reaches throughout the structure and deeply into building cavities for complete and permanent odor removal.  After just a few hours that ozone breaks down into just clean, healthy oxygen.

The Cutting Edge

Our experience, backed by ongoing training and the latest specialized equipment, make us the natural and safest choice for 24 hour emergency sewage cleanup.  Sewage damage is a common insurance claim, and our experience includes working directly with insurers for a smooth and swift claims process.