Water Damage Removal, Fire Damage Restoration. and Mold Remediation Services in Wildomar, CA

water damage removal and restoration services for Wildomar, California
Are you facing water or fire damage in the Wildomar area? Time is of the essence to avoid further damage and deterioration, so Cutting Edge Restoration is available 24/7. More than likely you’re facing a tough problem that will require the skills of a specialist with special equipment. Mopping and even using a wet-vac usually won’t do the job. Water can penetrate deeply where it will become inaccessible Slow to dry, it will gradually cause increasing damage. Modern water management makes natural flooding rare in Wildomar, California but water damage removal from overflows and plumbing problems remain an issue Cutting Edge is uniquely qualified to tackle. Even minor slab leaks can gradually cause damage. Our leak detection expertise can save you from even bigger problems later. We’re also experts in fire damage remediation, taking care of both smoke and water problems. And of course we remain prepared for any flood damage removal needs you may have.
Beyond appearances, these sorts of damage have major consequences for your health and safety and require specialized knowledge. Cutting Edge Restoration technicians are fully-trained and experienced experts. We’re meticulous and maintain the highest standards of professionalism for ourselves. We’re certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration (IIRC, an international leader) and the Cleaning & Restoration Association (CRA), assuring that we’ll correctly assess and correct the damage while meeting insurance company requirements for claims.
We know you’re facing a very difficult time. If you choose, we can handle everything, including the removal, storage, and return of your furniture and possessions and even make hotel arrangements for you. We can work directly with your insurance company and handle your paperwork for you. You can count on us to promptly restore your home or business to pre-loss conditions and get your life back to normal

24/7 flood removal Wildomar, California

Water Damage Restoration Wildomar, California

Whether visible or hidden, water can sooner or later cause discoloration, mold, and/or odors, and even lead to splitting, and/or warping of building materials. These pose significant safety and health issues, and the damage is likely to become more extensive and more expensive with time.
Water Damage Removal
Time is of the essence, as is the proper equipment, training, and experience. Cutting Edge has what you need. Our certified technicians are ready for fast response 24/7 with the latest and best equipment. After water removal our special equipment provides the quickest and most thorough dry-out. We’re also well-equipped experts for mold remediation and similar problems.
Flood Damage Removal
The Wildomar area has a history of heavy rains and violent storms, but burst pipes or a broken water heater can also flood your home or commercial building. Beyond special pumping to remove water, Cutting Edge is prepared for sewage cleaning and the very best in water damage removal. Whether from natural causes or plumbing, our flood damage removal services include: structural & crawl space drying, sanitation, odor control, carpet cleaning, and mold remediation.

Electronic Leak Detection Service for Wildomar, California

By the time you first notice it, a hidden leak may already be causing progressive damage. No matter how small the leak it can cause major damage given time. Cutting Edge Restoration can detect a plumbing leak before it becomes serious, and precisely locate it in order to have minimal demolition and follow-up restoration. In addition to our training and years of experience we use the latest leak detection equipment, including thermal imaging gear. In many cases we can locate a leak within minutes.

24/7 Fire Damage Repair in Wildomar, California

With so much water from fire fighting, much of the remediation is essentially water damage removal. Of course there’s also clearing and restoring structure destroyed or damaged by the fire itself. But there’s also insidious ash, smoke, and soot that that can travel throughout your home. These can be corrosive and damage possessions, furniture, and building finishes if not promptly and properly cleaned. Furthermore, in a surprisingly short time smoke can penetrate deeply to where it can’t be removed, leaving you with odors that can linger for years. We’re experts in smoke and odor removal. Cutting Edge can provide full-service fire damage repair for both the building and it’s contents. Those services include: inspection and securing the building, thorough cleaning and deodorizing, repairs, and haul-away.

Wildomar Floods: A Key Part of Its History

The unusual name comes from the city’s 3 founders: WILiam Collier, DOnald Graham, MARgaret Collier Graham. Originally a Pony Express outpost, the location became a railroad stop in 1882. But just two years later, in 1884 a flood washed out the tracks. Local rainfall that year was some 60 inches (5 feet!). Finally, early in the 20th century the railroad abandoned the area due to frequent washouts. The area languished, until Wildomar began experiencing explosive growth with the completion of interstate I-15 in 1985. Between the years 2000 and 2010 population more than doubled.
Cutting Edge Restoration is pleased to serve the Wildomar’s  over 32,000 residents and numerous businesses with our full-line of prompt, professional, and friendly water damage removal and fire damage repairs. We’re Wildomar’s certified local restoration and re-construction experts.