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Cutting Edge RestorationCutting Edge Restoration
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Yuchun G.Yuchun G.

We had some water damage in a carpeted room so we called to get help. Daniel from the remediation team was nice and even helped walk me through filing a...

Melanie C.Melanie C.

One thing to add that doesn't directly have to do with Cutting Edge: should you need a packout of your household items, **DO NOT** allow them to refer you...

Molly A.Molly A.

We used Cutting Edge to renovate after a leaky pipe left water damage on our wall and ceiling. They reconstructed and retextured the ceiling and wall, and...

Angela LopezAngela Lopez

Cutting Edge Restoration is the real deal! I had an issue with my place, and these guys were on it. What blew me away was how honest they were about what needed fixing. The guy took his time, checked everything out, and could've easily charged me for stuff I didn't need. But nope, he was straight-up honest.

I really appreciated that. In an industry where some folks try to pull a fast one on you, it was refreshing to have someone who just wanted to fix what actually needed fixing. It's like a breath of fresh air.

I'm definitely sticking with Cutting Edge Restoration for any future problems. When you find honest folks like them, you stick with them. Can't recommend them enough – if you've got an issue, these are the guys to call. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Laal DelchadLaal Delchad

Our upstairs toilet leaked overnight into the downstairs bathroom. We called a plumber to detect the source of the leak. He told us to contact Cutting Edge Restoration. Drew arrived within the hour. He was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and easy to work with. Drew was punctual and continued to check on the work until the problem was resolved. I will definitely recommend Cutting Edge Restoration company.

EGWC Christian Fellowship ChurchEGWC Christian Fellowship Church

I had work done on my house and Larry Ingramm came to my home to make an assessment of the work that needed to be performed. Right away, we connected! He is very professional, caring and I would personally award him10 stars! To elaborate, Larry treated my home as if it were his own which displayed sincerity. It was not just a job or to win a customer over, he was more concerned about my needs and how they would be met. He was very thorough and patient explaining the details of the work that was needed to accomplish an exceptional outcome and followed up throughout the entire process. Love his sense of humor too! It's a challenge when your house is in a disarray, but the person you work with puts your mind at ease and reflects empathy during that time. Larry proved there are people who really do care about customers and their homes!

B. Richardson

Timothy WuTimothy Wu

I had a mold issue due to a leak near my laundry area. Drew, my Point of Contact (POC) from Cutting Edge, came out with Plumbing Tree to help with the mold issue. (Plumbing Tree to fix the laundry line, but Cutting Edge for the mold) Drew ended up discovering moisture in not just the wall closest to the laundry unit, but also a few of the surrounding walls. Immediately, he brought in a dehumidifier to start the drying process, without having secured my business. I checked with HOA's mold mitigation team, which came in at a lower price. I passed the quote to Drew, who quickly realized that the dehumidifier had dried up a lot of the moisture. With this new info, Cutting Edge actually came in under the other team, so I decided to go with Drew & Cutting Edge. Throughout the whole process, Drew kept me up-to-date on what was happening. He and his crew were able to accommodate the tight schedule and even left up the zip-walls for the reconstruction crew.

I would strongly recommend Drew & Cutting Edge for all your mold mitigation needs!

Scott BelangerScott Belanger

On September 2, 2023, a rare tropical storm brought 10 hours of rain to our house in San Diego and exposed a previously unknown roof leak. The water that came through this roof leak flooded our Master Bedroom, as well as coming through the ceiling and walls in the Master Bathroom, Laundry Room, Hallway, and under the floorboards into the Living Room through the hallway.

I routinely see Cutting Edge Restoration trucks and vans traveling along the I-15, and remembering that they advertised mold & mildew mitigation as well as restoration from water damage (my primary concern as water was pouring through my ceiling on a Friday afternoon after 5 pm), I gave them a call. I wish I could remember the name of the nice lady who took my call. She was genuinely concerned about what was going on to include the fact that my wife has severe asthma & respiratory issues, took down my information, and eased my mind as she let us know that help was on the way.

During the mitigation phase, Travis came out to assess the water damage. He was very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to during this troubling time. He used equipment to measure where the water came through the ceiling, walls, floorboards, our bathroom vanity, etc. to determine where he would need to start mitigiation and what he would need to do it. As he deployed multiple blowers and de-humidifiers that night, we knew that we were going to be able to sleep well knowing that he had a least contained the water damage. Travis came back the next day, and a few times after that checking equipment, checking on the progress of the mitigation, and providing us with our next steps.

During the reconstruction phase, Larry, did an excellent job of communicating via text and phone daily while scheduling the repairs, coordinating supplies, and taking our input for what was needed during the restoration; often at night and after normal working hours to ensure we were taken care of. He was very responsive and answered all the questions we had. He even provided an industrial grade air purifier to remove all of the dust & construction particles from the air because our older children were still living in the unaffected bedrooms in the house (and because the kitchen was completely unaffected, we couldn't cover them under "Loss of Use;" so they had to keep living in the house with all of the reconstruction going on). Also, during this phase, our insurance initially low-balled us severely, was dragging their feet with their approval process as additional water damage that could not be seen until you opened up the walls, ceiling, and floor was identified in a supplemental repair estimate sent back through our insurance. Daniel & Larry did an excellent job of keeping up with the communication with them, always answered all my questions with a friendly and positive manner, and patiently worked with the insurance company for 3 months until all issues were worked through with the insurance company and a final approval to begin work was finally completed. It should be noted that all issues that were initially identified by our insurance company with Cutting Edge Restoration's estimate were all found to be correct by Cutting Edge. Our insurance company even disputed their finding of our carpet being "premium" quality, which later bore out as premium carpet through a lab test!
I also want to mention that their floor guys were outstanding!

I hope we never experience another loss from water, or any other related event where we’ll need them, but if we do, then we know who to call. If any of our friends have a water/mold/mildew, fire, or weather related event that damages their home, we're going to give them Cutting Edge Restoration's number.

Thank you Cutting Edge Restoration for restoring our home better than it was! You guys are truly outstanding!