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Cutting Edge RestorationCutting Edge Restoration
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Evelyn MossEvelyn Moss

They did excellent work, but we were more impressed with how polite all the employees we came into contact with were.

Ixchel SamsonIxchel Samson

The Cutting Edge mitigation team led by Sleiman Chacra was incredible! I can’t say enough about their tremendous efforts & professionalism. I had a plumbing leak that resulted in 3-4 feet of dirty water & mud under my old (1931) house in the crawl space. The plumber recommended this company and the mitigation manager, Sleiman (Abou) Chacra, showed up at house within 1 hour of calling. He was polite & professional and answered all of my questions. He explained the clean up process and what would occur the following day. And perhaps more importantly he was kind and reassuring in a time of high stress. His team worked tirelessly and did a remarkable job at sucking out almost 3000 gallons of dirty water & mud, power washing underneath the house, laying down absorbent, and then cleaning up any mess left behind. The foreman, Sleiman was so good at explaining the process and so respectful of my house. Cleaning up the damage from a flood of that magnitude is not an easy task but they did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Sleiman and his team. I am forever grateful for all they did to save my little house.

Cielo AnahyCielo Anahy

This is a Great company with with an awesome staff!

Amy ShepardAmy Shepard

Thank you for the excellent service so far! My upstairs bathroom flooded last week, and the damage covers parts of 6 rooms and a hallway. Your crew is very thorough and hard working!! I’ve really enjoyed having Chad here, making sure everything is dried out properly. I’m excited to move forward with Jesse, as he rebuilds my home. I’m super grateful for the help through this stressful experience. 😊

Allie KenneyAllie Kenney

Justin’s general contractor remodeled our kitchen after a flood. Justin explained the entire process through insurance. His crew was very professional & they took care of removing the damage ASAP prior to remodeling. Very professional, on time, hard working, and good work. We highly recommend!

Keilaelizabeth GuzmanKeilaelizabeth Guzman
Josh TinninJosh Tinnin

The best company I have ever hired to do work in my house hands down !!

David FanslauDavid Fanslau

Fantastic job start to finish. Entire roof stripped and replaced in 8 hours. Super cleanup. I would highly recommend

Brad M.Brad M.

Had issues with my toilet flooding. Cutting edge was able to respond quickly before any other damages had occurred. Thanks for them I was able to get my...

Precy A.Precy A.

Another unsatisfied and unhappy family here with Cutting Edge Restoration's work. For new clients reading reviews, LET ME START WITH -- ASK YOUR INSURANCE...

Diane W.Diane W.

Very poor communication. This company was recommended by our plumber to mitigate damage caused by water. They came on a Friday and installed fans to...

Patricia WoganPatricia Wogan

Cutting Edge Restoration did a wonderful job rebuilding my bathroom after an extensive leak from the bathroom on the floor above. They quoted a reasonable price, gave me an estimated timeline that they stuck too, other than minor supply chain issues not caused by them. The workmen were profession and kept the work surrounds as neat as possible. Work was done within the budget and I have been using the bathroom, including a large fertile shower and could not be happier. If you use this company you will not regret it.

Juelia KinneyJuelia Kinney

If I could give them zero stars I would. My house has been under their care since 1/13/2022, it is now 5/9/2022... and the work is not complete. If I had not been my own advocate and checked in on both the project manager and the contractor we wouldn't even be close to being at the point we are at. There was never a team of people working on the house, there was ONE person the entire time. Juan was hired to do the painting, the floors, the walls, the tile... EVERYTHING. Every time I checked by my house he was the only one there or no one at all. Finally we were given the green light to move back home last Monday (AFTER FOUR MONTHS), Juan and Tom said everything will be done except the guest bathroom. We were so sick of being out of the house that we were happy to move home even with only one working bathroom. Once we moved back, we found the doors were not on, the trim was still removed, the stairs were not complete including the railing which is obviously a serious safety hazard. The paint that was done was completely terrible, there was no prep work whatsoever and anything and everything was simply painted over including where workers gouged our walls along with nails ect. Once I spoke to Tom and had him look at how terrible everything was, he said he would have Juan come back right away to fix everything. I spoke to Juan and asked when it would be done and he said he had another job that he had to do first so it would be a few weeks. I told Tom he needed to get a team in NOW as our house was not safe to live in. The team came in on a Saturday and redid a lot of the work Juan had already done since it was not done well. They left before we came back and when we arrived home, we found our 1 year old son's room had been completely turned upside down and left like that. I had to put up his pack n play in the closet so he could sleep in his room. The following day was Mother's day so of course they were not there to fix this and now Monday morning MAYBE someone will come by this afternoon to "fix the problem". My daughter's room is still not done so we can not move anything or put her stuff away. She is too scared to sleep in her room like that so she has been sleeping in the living room. I don't know what else to say other than I wish I never hired this company and you absolutely should not.

Ernest EvardoneErnest Evardone

I had the unfortunate luck of having to going through a couple water related repairs (copper pipe leak) in span of a year. I was recommended Cutting Edge Restoration by our plumber and so thankful they did. In each instance, the crew was very professional, on-time, communicated well and often.

During the mitigation phase, Sleiman and Junior came out to assess the water damage. They were very friendly and easy to talk to making this what would be a stressful situation, a whole lot easier and giving me piece of mind.

During the reconstruction phase, Luis, did an excellent job of communicating via text and phone of scheduling the repairs. He was very responsive and answered all the questions I had. Also, during this phase, my insurance was being a bit slow with their approval process. Edie did an excellent job of keeping up with the communication with them and always answered all my questions with a friendly and positive manner.

I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to recommend them to family and friends! I hope I never have to go through another water related event where I’ll need them, but if I do, then I know I’ll be taken care of. Thank you Cutting Edge Restoration!

Geness PotterGeness Potter

Cutting Edge Restoration is amazing! You can see their trucks everywhere and just know that you’ll be in safe hands. Busy busy busy, but definitely service with integrity. Great staff support as well. I would highly recommend.

Halsey AndujarHalsey Andujar

It took over 4 months for shoddy kitchen repair post water damage. My kitchen is super small cono. They did NOT need to take my kitchen apart. Floors looks great but my kitchen does not look like it did before and just had a new installation Dec 2021!! Had to return 3 times to align cabinet. My quartz counter seam does not align. Gap. Would not recommend.