24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services in Menifee, California

Cutting Edge Restoration specializes in water damage removal & repair, fire damage restoration, leak detection, sewage damage, asbestos abatement, board-ups to property and emergency pack out’s for all residents in Menifee, California and surrounding areas. As our name states we use cutting edge equipment and employ skilled, trained and licensed contractors who are IICRC certified. We do all work in-house from electronic leak detection to complete reconstruction without using any subcontractors. We handle all phases of water damage restorations for homeowners and businesses in Menifee. We work with your insurance company directly from start to finish to allow you to carry on with your daily life.

There are few things more devastating than when disaster strikes home. Your ability to assess and react to a water or fire event is often dampened by the shock of the disaster. With just one phone call, Cutting Edge Restoration of Menifee is there for day or night. We are on call 24/7 to respond to, assess, and restore your property.

Your First Call after Your First Call

After any disaster, your first call should be to the first-responders, but after a water or fire event, you should then immediately call Cutting Edge Restoration. Resist the urge to take time to assess the situation yourself before calling for restorative services. Often, consequences of not immediately dealing with damage caused by disaster manifest months or even years later and can worsen with time if not treated right away. Such consequences can seriously affect the stability of the structure and the health of those who visit the site. Be pro-active and call for help right away.


Detecting Water Damage

Water damage can be difficult to detect, especially to the untrained. A structure may appear to be sound, when, in fact, water is slowly pooling, leaking, and damaging internal elements. A call to Cutting Edge Restoration can provide you with piece of mind by detecting potential threats before they cause any damage to your home. Our Menifee technicians are equipped with the latest technology to detect leaks using both Electronic and Thermal Imaging techniques to ensure that all water damage is detected and treated before it is too late.

Fire Damage Repair

One of the scariest and most difficult home disasters homeowners may have to face is fire. Our focus, when responding to fire damage is to restore and repair your property to you to the fullest possible extent. In order to achieve this, we take the proper measures to ensure that as many of your items that can be salvaged are, and we protect them during the process from theft and further damage. After triaging your home, it is sealed off to protect against critters and vandals or thieves. We also work closely with your insurance company, alleviating another burdensome piece of the disaster recovery puzzle. With your insurance company, we identify your items and sorting the salvageable from the un-salvageable. Your items are carefully protected, cleaned, and restored, while in our care, until they can be returned to you.

Flood Restoration

Water damage can be just as devastating as fire when it strikes your home. Once on site, we immediately begin the triage and treatment process so that you can begin to move on. Following the same method for flood restoration as we do for fire damage repair, you can be assured that we will treat your home thoroughly with respect and industry-leading expertise. We always work with your insurance company to lessen your burden and to allow you to focus on your family and your life through this difficult time.

Our response time and our equipment is the best in Menifee. Give us a call and see the difference of our cutting edge restoration services.