Water Damage Removal and Restoration Encinitas, California

Water damage removal Encinitas, California
Have you experienced water or fire damage in Encinitas? It’s critical to have it taken care of professionally as soon as possible. You can depend on Cutting Edge Restoration to see you through your crisis and make sure everything’s done properly. Cutting Edge Restoration provides services for water damage removal & repair, fire damage restoration, leak detection, sewage damage, asbestos reduction, board-ups to property and emergency pack out’s for all residents in Encinitas, California and surrounding areas. We’re fully licensed and insured, a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and certified by the CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association) and the international IICR (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration).
Cutting Edge will work directly with your insurance company; over the years we’ve developed good relationships with the many agencies and adjusters serving the area. We’ll help you open you claim, and do not require any up-front payment from you. We’ll wait for the insurance claim settlement.
It’s unlikely you’ll ever need flood damage removal from natural causes, but major plumbing problems can create their own disasters. Even for relatively small overflows and leaks do-it-yourself mopping and wet-vacuuming often aren’t enough. Water can penetrate deeply and pool where you can’t see it and cause unseen damage. That’s why we provide expert leak detection services. Cutting Edge Restoration also provides the best in fire damage repair, from structural repairs to smoke odor treatment to final clean up.
Whether for residential or commercial services our certified experts are ready 24/7 help relieve you of the stress of a situation that might seem overwhelming, and get your property restored to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Water Damage Removal Service Encinitas

Whether from a toilet, sink, or tub overflow, a busted pipe, or a broken water heater there can be both obvious and hidden damage. If neglected or just mopped up a water problem can lead to odors, mold, and/or discoloration. There can also be hidden structural problems, including warping and splitting, as well as hidden mold and decay problems. A timely response and quick remediation are vital to minimize damage. That’s why we’re available in Encinitas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flood Damage Removal Services for Encinitas

With an average rainfall of 10 inches per year in Encinitas, you’re not likely to need flood damage removal from natural flooding. But our pumping and water extraction equipment stands ready for dealing with the aftermath of major plumbing problems. We’re also cleaning and sanitation specialists for sewage back ups.

fast response water damage restoration services in Encinitas

Electronic Leak Detection

Water issues aren’t always major, or even obvious. Never ignore even a small leak; problems will only grow with time. Plumbing leaks are sometimes hidden within walls or other inaccessible places. Our leak detection services can pinpoint exactly where the leak is, keeping demolition to get to it at an absolute minimum. We employ the latest in electronic leak detection equipment and thermal imaging to lead us directly to the problem.

Water Damage Remediation

Once the source of water has been stopped, water damage removal can begin. The first step is thorough water removal with specialized powerful vacuums. That’s followed by drying out the area, also with specialized equipment; opening windows and even exhaust fans may not dry everything out quickly enough to prevent mold and other problems. Our services also include thorough carpet cleaning, odor control, and sanitation. Should the need arise, we’re also experts in mold remediation.

Fire Damage Repair

Cleaning up after even a minor fire can feel overwhelming. And it is. Fire damage repair involves a lot of work and a broad range of specialized skills and knowledge beyond “standard” demolition and repair. Most center around ash, soot, and smoke. If not promptly and properly treated they can further damage finishes, furniture, and possessions. Smoke can quickly penetrate so deeply that it can’t be removed, resulting in odors that can linger for years.
Let Cutting Edge take care of everything. We’ll secure the building and assess the damage, identifying salvageable items and remove the rest. We’ll clean away ash, soot, and smoke and then provide odor removal. Firefighting often results in the need for water damage removal; we’ll take care of that as well and ten move on to repairs and getting your life back on track.

Cutting Edge Restoration is Here to Help

With technical excellence and the best in customer care we provide the most professional building restoration services for Encinitas. Our services combine certified technicians having formal training and experience with specialized state of the art equipment. Cutting Edge is dedicated to integrity and professionalism in our water damage removal, fire damage repair, and other services.

From leak detection to major fire and flood damage removal in Encinitas, we’re here to help you, from start to finish. If needed we can arrange a hotel, move and properly store your belongings, and then return those belongings once remediation is complete.