Water Damage vs Mold: What Are the Differences?

Approximately 1 in 50 homeowners experience enough water damage to file home insurance claims yearly. Water damage primarily occurs from plumbing issues and storms and devastates a home.

When you experience water damage, you might also suffer from mold in your house. But have you ever wondered what the difference is between water damage vs. mold?

There’s a correlation between water damage and mold, but these two things are not the same.

Keep reading this guide to learn about the differences between water damage and mold.

Basics of Water Damage

So, what is water damage? Water damage is a term that refers to damage you encounter in your home from water.

Water that enters a home from a leaky pipe, burst pipe, or any other source damages a home, even if it’s a small amount of water.

There are times when homeowners catch a water problem immediately. But, unfortunately, there are other times when they don’t.

Water damage causes numerous issues in a home. For example, it weakens wood, destroys drywall, and damages furniture.

In extreme cases, water damage can destroy an entire house. In minor cases, homeowners can catch it quickly to minimize the damage.

In either case, hiring a water damage restoration company is beneficial. They’ll start by identifying water damage in your home and then create a plan to address it.

Basics of Mold

Now that you understand water damage, you might ask, “what is mold?” Mold is a toxic substance that grows in a home and is often the result of water damage.

Mold thrives in warm, moist locations. Therefore, you’re more likely to find it in basements, bathrooms, and other water sources. You might see mold in your house, but there are many times when homeowners don’t see it.

Mold is more prevalent than you might expect and can make you sick. You can read a guide to mold to learn more about it, and you should seek professional help if you suspect you have mold in your home.

The Key Correlation

So, mold is the substance that forms inside homes and buildings, while water damage is a problem that occurs when water leaks into a house.

The correlation is that mold can’t cause water damage, but water damage almost always leads to mold. You can stop mold from forming after water damage by treating it immediately.

The best way to treat it is by hiring a water damage restoration company. They can remove the water, dry the house, and make all the necessary repairs.

Learn the Differences Between Water Damage vs. Mold

You’ll see the correlation and differences as you compare water damage vs. mold. It’s also essential to know that you can have one without the other, but many people experience both simultaneously.

You’ll need to hire a company specializing in water damage restoration if you’re struggling with water damage in your home. You can contact us at Cutting Edge Restoration if you need help.

We offer multiple locations throughout California and can help you with minor or major home water damage.

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