If a Water Pipe Bursts in Your Home, Here’s What You Need to Do

Do you know what to do if your water pipe bursts?

Burst pipes are a common occurrence. 1 in 50 homes make an insurance claim for water damage each year, so it is something we all need to be ready for. But unless you know what to do, the leak can quickly grow out of control.

We are here to help. Read on for the important steps to take to set things right again after a water pipe bursts.

1. Turn off the Water

If you discover a leak, the first thing you should do is to turn off your home’s water supply. Once this is done, you should turn off the electricity supply to the water damaged areas.

Doing this will limit the amount of damage the leak can do and removes the risk of an electrical fire. Remember that a leak may be worse than it looks, so it is always good practice to be careful.

If you can’t access the property’s water supply, immediately contact the building manager. You may be able to find a shut-off valve for the leaking area even if you can’t get to the main valve.

2. Drain the System

Once the water supply has been turned off, you want to drain the remaining water from your pipes. Do this by opening all your cold faucets. If the leak was caused by freezing in the pipes, this will stop the problem from growing.

Once done, do the same with your hot taps. This will remove any pressure still in the pipes and reduce the chance of more burst pipes.

3. Hire Help

Once the leak is stopped, call a reliable plumber to fix your broken pipe. Also, call an electrician to check that no moisture got into your electrical system. Attempting these repairs yourself risks causing further damage.

If you have suffered severe flooding or water damage, you should also contact a water damage restoration company to dry out your home.

4. Gather Evidence

Once you have made sure that the leak isn’t going to cause any more problems, you should get documenting. Take photos of the damaged pipework, as well as your home and any damaged items for your insurer.

Move any water-damaged items out of the immediate area, but don’t throw them away. Although some items may be beyond repair, others may be recoverable.

5. Clean Up

The most pressing job is to soak up as much moisture as possible. Break out all the towels and mops you have and start removing any standing water.

Place dry towels over damp areas and let the towels soak up what they can. Turn up your thermostat to help the water evaporate and open all the doors to help the moisture leave your home.

What to Do When a Water Pipe Bursts

So there you have it. Follow these steps if your water pipe bursts.

Turn off the water and electricity to stop the leak and avoid it getting worse. The faster you act, the less damage will be done. Make sure you are ready to deal with your insurer and clean up what water you can.

If you are in need of expert water damage removal, contact us today at Cutting Edge Restoration. Our professional team are capable of not only removing the water but also water damage restoration.

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