What Determines the Decision for Repairing Water-Damaged Items?

The purpose of restoration services is to salvage as many of the items as possible.  Nevertheless, on some occasions, some items are beyond restoring.  In such cases, it is best to discard significantly damaged items because they will grow mold spores and contaminate others.  When you employ the team at Cutting Edge Restoration, Inc., we use the following factors to make decisions about restoring or discarding items present during a water damage job.

Four Item Restoration Factors

Even when some items can be restored, we may recommend their replacement.  Some of the reasons that go into our decision are below:

  • Water Damage Type. While some water exposure like clean water from a water supply line is fine, others are not.  For instance, items exposed to flood or sewage water (known within the industry as black water) should be replaced.  The contaminants that the water carries will cause significant damage to your materials and the probability of fungi growing within 48 hours is very high.
  • Porous Material Level. Items with upholstered fabrics, wood, and drywall can be recovered from clean water damage if done quickly.  However, the more porous the material, the more susceptible it is to degradation to water damage.  Cleaning these materials becomes difficult because they tend to suffer from deforming, shrinking and mold damage after being deluged with water.
  • Saturation Time. How long items remain in water has a direct correlation with them being restored or discarded.  Water retains the title of Universal Solvent for a reason.  The longer an item soaks in water, the more irreversible damage occurs.
  • Replacement Costs. The process of sanitizing, drying, and deodorizing water-logged items is time-consuming and expensive. For that reason, you should hire a restoration company within hours of the occurrence to minimize and remediate the damage and lower the cost. Materials that are relatively cheap or that have no noteworthy personal value should be discarded if water damaged.  This is why materials such as insulations, baseboard, and drywall are discarded.  It makes more fiscal sense to replace these than attempt to restore them.

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