How to Handle a Sewer Backup Before It Becomes a Major Problem

Around 98% of homeowners with basements experience water damage to some extent. While water damage is harmful to your home, sewer leaks are worse.

Your home might experience sewer leaks or damage from a sewer backup. Sewer backups occur for several reasons, but addressing them quickly is critical.

You can prevent significant damage if you address these issues quickly, and you can prevent them by learning the common causes.

Keep reading this guide to learn about the common causes of sewer backups and how to fix the issues quickly to avoid damage.

Common Causes of Sewer Backups

A sewer line backup can happen to anyone without any notice, and it happens for several reasons.

First, your sewer line might back up if there is a clog. Most clogs form slowly over weeks or months. However, eventually, they become so significant they won’t let liquids pass.

Secondly, sewer line backups occur from tree roots that grow into the pipes. In a sense, this is also a clog, but it’s a different type. Tree roots that grow into the sewer line prevent liquids from getting into the tank.

Sewer line backups also occur when the septic tank is full. If your home has a tank, you must clean it regularly. As you use your plumbing system, the tank fills up, and eventually, it can’t hold anymore.

Sewer backups are one of many common plumbing problems, but these are the messiest and worst problems.

How to Address a Sewer Backup

You’ll need to act quickly when you develop a sewer backup. The first thing to do is to contact a company that handles sewer repairs and water damage.

These companies offer sewer backup cleanup and repairs, and they’ll know how to fix your sewer backup. They’ll start by investigating the situation to find the problem.

They can locate a sewer backup by using a sewer line camera or infrared technology. Next, they’ll determine how to fix it.

Many companies use drain snakes or augers to clear the lines, freeing the debris from the pipes. Other companies offer trenchless sewer repair services to replace or clean the bad pipes.

If the backup leads to raw sewage entering your home, they’ll also remove and clean the affected areas.

Addressing this problem is vital, as water damage can happen from sewer backups. Additionally, sewer backups lead to waste entering your home, which is harmful for your health.

As a result, you shouldn’t handle the issue alone. Instead, you should seek help from an expert immediately.

Seek Professional Help for Sewer or Water Issues

With the proper maintenance, you might prevent a sewer backup. However, even with good maintenance, there is still a chance you could experience a problem with your sewer line.

When you do, contact us. We can address the problem quickly, helping to prevent further problems and damage.

We offer services in multiple parts of California, so contact us at Cutting Edge Restoration if you experience a sewer or water issue.

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