5 Visible Signs You Have Water Damage to Ceiling Areas

Are you having water damage problems?

Water damage is a common homeowner issue. It’s devastating since it can cause a lot of problems. About 14,000 Americans experience water damage emergencies each day.

Water damage also costs a lot since it causes wood warping and other undesirable outcomes. The good news is you can prevent them once you find the telltale signs. It’s especially important to prevent water damage to the ceiling.

Today, we look at the signs of water damage to the ceiling. Read on and learn some signs you missed:

Discolored Spots and Stains

One of the signs to look out for is the discolored paint. These often have a copper, brown, or yellow tinge. These spots often show signs of moisture, something to pay attention to.

These spots are noticeable after experiencing bad weather like rain or snow. It’s a sign of a water leak or something broken up on the roof.

Peeling and Bubbling on the Paint

Turn your attention to the paint as well. Keep an eye out for any sign of peeling, cracking, or bubbling.

When the paint peels or cracks, it means you have too much moisture. It also means the water seeped in for too long. The bubbling or blistering indicates the water collected and pooled inside.

The damage behind the wall or ceiling might be bad at this point. Find the source of the water damage right away.

Bad Odor

In this case, mold and mildew give out specific odors. The scent is often musty and strong.

The mold or mildew growth only happens due to specific conditions. One of these is moisture. In such cases, get an expert to check the ceiling right away.

Ceiling Cracks

You might also notice cracks on your ceiling. A hairline crack most likely means water damage. The cracks often take up a straight line or a spiderweb pattern.

When left for too long, the cracks get larger and more numerous.

Sagging Ceiling

In some cases, you might also notice the ceiling sag. It’s also an indicator of water-based damage. It’s often because of a leaky pipe or roof. The sagging also comes with discoloration.

In these situations, get professionals to examine the damage as soon as possible. Sagging ceilings pose a lot of danger to you and your family. Once found, it’s best to let these experts repair the damage.

Act Quickly Upon Seeing the Signs of Water Damage to Ceiling

When you spot any signs of water damage to the ceiling, act right away. These can lead to property damage when left unattended. For that, you need a professional specializing in water damage repairs.

We have the services to help you with restoration and repair. We can take on leaks, water damage, and much more.

Do you need help with your water damage problems? Contact us today and let us help you right away.

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